Why to have Paid Inspection?

Eco Smart has been around for long enough to understand what San Francisco customers really need.

Eco Smart has designed a custom inspection service that is required as the first step in any request for service and replacement.

In today’s technologically advanced and modern world, there are countless tools that help contractors and roofers in calculated project estimation and inspections. Many roofers and contractors performing traditional “free estimates” are unfortunately forced to sell potential customers on projects they don’t necessarily need in search of reimbursement for time they spent giving out "free proposals", as the end result the estimates or proposals generated by most contractors are not completely “free”. Most free estimate sessions take no longer than 12-15 minutes which is not enough time to generate a calculated opinion on true condition of the building's exterior and roof as many of the leaks are not caused by isolated roofing or exterior issues. Based on our extended experience in inspections, general contracting and roofing, leaks are often created by siding issues, stucco and fiber cement finishes that weren’t properly installed or waterproofed, issues with flashings and step flashings often cause leaks and water damage, often there are many contributing factors to any one leak.

In order to protect clients and perform quality, unbiased evaluations based on solid facts, Eco Smart Builder has designed a custom “360 Inspection” service that is required as the first step in any request for service, repair or replacement. Please note that interior access is required for this inspection service. For standard residential buildings we need access to all interior spaces, for all multi-unit and/or commercial buildings we must access top floor units. Inspection cost is generally $585 for residential buildings with roofs that are up to 2,800 Square Feet. Inspections are priced at $1,370 for all commercial buildings with roofs that are 2,900-6,500 square feet and/or buildings with more than 3 units. All buildings with roofing systems that are more than 6,600 square feet must obtain a custom proposal for initial inspection.


Please note that Eco Smart 360 Roof & Exterior Inspections with moisture mapping cannot be performed on rainy days for safety reasons.